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    • If I buy ZonaTEAM for 5 persons, may I change the number of persons later?
    • You can buy a license for a specific number of persons and later you can buy a renewal for a different number of persons.
      The license will be updated with the new number.

    • HOw can I use ZonaTEAM software to plan my shifts?
    • You must purchase a ZonaTEAM license for a month or for an year.
      At the end of that time you can renew your license for the time that you want to purchase a renewal.

    • If I purchase ZonaTEAM license for an year and then I don't renew the license when it expires, can I decide to renew it later?
    • The expired license may be renewed at any time, even long after the expiration date. Obviously, the renewal will be valid from the day of purchase.

    • Where can I find more information about the product ZonaTEAM?
    • You can read all the details of the product on the website: